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Delivering More Energy in Real-World Conditions

First Solar continues to set performance records in both research and real-world environments. As a field-proven technology, our high efficiency Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) modules offer a clear energy density advantage over silicon-based modules by delivering superior efficiency, higher real-world energy yield and long-term reliability.

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First Solar has up to 11.2% Energy Density Advantage



Specific Annual Energy Yield captures operating data over a year of module performance during varying real-world conditions. First Solar’s high efficiency modules have a proven specific energy yield advantage to deliver more usable energy per nameplate watt than conventional c-Si modules.

specific energy yield equation

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As a result of higher efficiency, First Solar modules offer higher power density with comparable land usage when compared to typical c-Si modules, resulting in more installed capacity per square meter (m2).

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hot temperature icon   Higher Energy Yield in Hot Conditions

When module operating temperatures exceed 25℃, First Solar modules will produce more energy compared to c-Si modules due to a lower temperature coefficient of power. Our high temperature advantage adds up to 2% more annual energy than c-Si modules.

humid temperature icon   Higher Energy Yield in Humid Conditions Due to Spectral Response Advantage

First Solar CdTe modules are less sensitive to reductions in wavelengths due to high atmospheric water content. As a result, First Solar modules produce up to 6% more annual energy in high humidity conditions.

module shading icon   Higher Energy Yield Due to Better Shading Response

When a First Solar module is shaded, only the shaded portion is impacted, while the rest of the module will continue to produce power. Traditional c-Si modules lose up to three times as much power as CdTe modules when shading occurs.

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Reliability Advantage

Long-term reliability increases plant value. The quality and reliability of our technology is proven both in short-term and long-term field performance. As a result, First Solar customers consistently receive energy generation that meets or exceeds expected returns.

PV technology relies on independent laboratory-accelerated testing protocols to determine the suitability and performance of modules in the field. Independent lab test results prove the quality of our technology and provide support for the reliable lifetime module performance backed by a 25 year module warranty.

Test Description Results
IEC 61646/IEC 61730 Certification Basic industry market entry certifications PASS
1500V certification level
Thresher Test Multiplies basic IEC 61730/61646 test cycles and durations 2X to 4X PASS
<5% Power Output drop
Long-Term Sequential Test 6-month accelerated protocol to evaluate long-term harsh climate durability PASS
1st thin film module, and one of only 5 modules in the world to pass.
Atlas 25+ Certification 12-month weathering-intensive certification through projected 25+ year harsh climate field lifetimes PASS
One of only 4 modules in the world to pass.
IEC 62804 PID-Resistant Certification Demonstrates high resistance to potential induced degradation at extreme ± 1500V voltages at most extreme 192hr 85C/85% RH test levels, enabling confident floating and grounded applications PASS
IEC 60068 Certification Desert Sand Resistance Demonstrates minimal power loss and package integrity resistant to wind-blown particulates PASS

Bankability Advantage

First Solar has the strongest balance sheet and cash position among all companies in the solar space. When evaluating the combination of First Solar’s market leading technology, risk profile and financial standing, the world’s leading PV investors and financial institutions see a pattern of more value and less risk than competing alternatives. We consistently demonstrate that financial stability is essential to obtaining low-cost financing.

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First Solar monitors one of the largest databases of utility-scale PV installations in operation today. We have engineered a proprietary plant control system and incorporated forecasting and energy scheduling capabilities to ensure bulk power reliability and stable grid integration—this functionality is operational today on PV plants that are several-hundred megawatts in size.

First Solar’s plant control system receives real-time data from the plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and analyzes the performance of each inverter. It checks the grid requirements and set points by the grid operator or remote operations center and sends individual instructions to each inverter ten times per second based on its location within the plant, losses and historical data. This ensures the plant adheres to its voltage, frequency and power output requirements.

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First Solar Plant Controller