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Pre-Engineered System Solution with Guaranteed Performance

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First Solar AC Power Block

Leveraging over 10 gigawatts (GW) of experience, the AC Power Block™ is a configurable power generation unit that enables construction of a fully integrated First Solar utility scale power plant. The AC Power Block delivers bankable PV energy at the lowest LCOE in the world's most diverse regions.

By utilizing technologies optimized by First Solar, the AC Power Block provides verification of the power plant energy model ensuring that delivered performance equals predicted performance resulting in verified asset value for the plant owner.

Proven Reliability

  • Utilizes the core of First Solar’s proven PV power plant design for maximum reliability
  • Maximizes energy output and grid stability through proven plant technologies and service

Guaranteed Plant Performance

  • Guaranteed performance that proves the energy model and provides assurance of lifetime energy generation
  • Backed by a 25-year aggregate module capacity warranty and guaranteed 1st year energy performance

Lowest LCOE

  • Reduces the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE)
  • Provides bankable revenue stream and verified asset value

  • 1st year energy guarantee
  • 25-year aggregate module capacity warranty

With First Solar’s AC Power Block™, First Solar builds the energy model and then proves it by guaranteeing 1st year energy performance, resulting in certified asset value and a bankable revenue stream for power plant owners.

  • Power Block Configuration
  • First Solar Series 3 Black™ PV Modules
  • First Solar Mounting Solutions
  • Inverters
  • First Solar Plant Control System and SCADA

AC Power Block

Leveraging our experience and proprietary data obtained from operating and maintaining power plants worldwide, the AC Power Block training and services maximize plant optimization and guarantee energy revenues.

Product Training

  • Product SupportModule performance
  • Fixed-tilt installation
  • Tracker installation
  • DC/AC engineering
  • Inverter installation

Project Services

  • Project SupportProcurement Services*
  • Construction Management*
  • Commissioning*

Advisory Services

  • AdvisoryDesign optimization
  • Energy prediction modeling
  • Detail Engineering*
  • Construction planning*
  • Financing*

O&M Support

  • Monitoring
  • Virtual O&M*
  • O&M advisement*

*Additional Options

In addition to the services included as part of the AC Power Block, First Solar offers additional advisory, construction management and O&M services to deliver the most advanced energy solutions to owners of renewable energy projects.