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First Solar PV Power Plant

As the global leader in PV energy, our PV power plants set the bar for bankable project execution, receiving numerous “Project of the Year” awards. In addition, we have been named the “#1 EPC Company” and “#1 Project Developer” in the industry.

With experience and expertise across the entire solar value chain, we integrate our technologies and activities to maximize energy output and reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for our customers. By accepting full value chain responsibility and standing behind the performance of the entire power plant, we maximize the value of our customers PV investment while minimizing their risk.

  • Stable grid integration and advanced plant control features
  • Maximum project value with our engineering & plant optimization services
  • Bankable results with project development and financing expertise
  • Superior energy yield with integrated and optimized technologies throughout the plant
  • World-class execution with our procurement and construction capabilities
  • Industry-leading system availability with our operations and maintenance (O&M) services
  • Technologies proven to deliver reliable energy yield and stable grid integration

Developing electricity-generation assets starts with grid integration. We understand the challenges associated with integrating solar into the electricity grid on a global scale. Our power plants are equipped with advanced plant control features typical of large, conventional power plants that actively stabilize the electricity grid. First Solar Plant Controller

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PV power plants generate electricity for multiple decades. We have developed industry-leading O&M capabilities to ensure our PV power plants generate as much energy (and revenue) for our customers as possible. We have also incorporated forecasting and energy scheduling capabilities to assist grid operators and utilities with daily load balancing.

Operations Center

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