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We design power plants to maximize energy output and reduce LCOE. Every project is different. Project specific factors such as the local irradiance, weather, soil, wind, and topography must be taken into account for the design, layout, technology selection, and system configuration.

Engineering and Plant Optimization

DC-AC RatioOur expert engineers have designed gigawatts of PV plants and have experience with more than 1,000 iterations of plant design improvements. In a process called “design optimization,” we go beyond standard plant engineering to configure PV plants that maximize project value. By applying our experience and expertise to meticulously configure PV plant parameters, we ensure our PV plants deliver the maximum financial results.

As an example, we regularly optimize the right combination of DC:AC ratio with a project’s unique financing and site constraints to deliver the best combination of LCOE vs. NPV. Our PV plants achieve our customers’ most important objectives by delivering the project specific economics that are most important to them.

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