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First Solar has developed world-class procurement and construction management capabilities. As the largest buyer of many utility-scale PV power electronics, our global supply chain network has strong purchasing power and ensures the timely delivery of First Solar modules and balance of system components to construction sites. Our proven construction management capabilities have delivered more than 1.6GW of utility-scale PV plants on three continents and provide significant value to plant owners, developers, and plant builders.
  • Robust, agile supply chain with global network, purchasing power, and timely delivery
  • Integrated planning, scheduling and execution system
  • Expertise in project-specific engineering design and plant optimization
  • Construction experience with more than 1.6GW built to date
  • Grid integration and best-of-class plant controls
  • Track record of execution and award-wining safety record
  • Significant improvements in cost reduction and installation velocity
  • Ideal partner with leadership, experience, and technical expertise
We offer an integrated approach to our customers’ solar energy needs by providing solutions that are tailored to their economic goals and capabilities. For system owners, we deliver PV power plants on time and on budget that are engineered to maximize their economic goals, and built to provide reliable solar energy over the life of the plant. For plant builders, we offer pre-engineered solutions with engineering and construction services and superior warranties to deliver “the First Solar advantage” through local construction partners. Having designed and built many of the world’s largest PV power plants in existence, we apply our expertise to deliver the right solution for each customer.
First Solar has made numerous improvements to construction processes in order to increase installation speed, reduce labor costs and environmental impact, and maximize energy output over the life of the plant.

Construction Process

Our first utility-scale PV plants employed a grading technique during the site preparation process that provided a level foundation for the construction of the PV plant. Over time, we have evolved our site preparation processes in order to minimize land disturbance. One example of this is our disk-and-roll technique, which contours the land without changing the macro-level topography and existing drainage patterns in order to minimize impact, resulting in less earth movement, air emissions, and water use during construction.


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