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Low-Cost Financing Resulting in Lower LCOE

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Cost of capital is the single-largest contributor to reducing LCOE. The impact financing terms have on the total cost of ownership is far more substantial than the module, balance of system, project development, or operating costs over the life of the plant.

Finance as a part of LCOE

Often a major constraint, obtaining low-cost financing and access to capital markets is critical to accelerating solar adoption worldwide. First Solar has raised approximately $11 billion of debt and equity financing for power plants developed by First Solar, and has won numerous awards for innovative deal structures resulting in valuable returns to our customers.

AVSR 1 Agua Caliente Desert Sunlight Topaz

Agua Caliente
Desert Sunlight
Topaz Solar Farm
Size (MW AC)
~US$ Raised
(Public Estimates)
$1.2 bn $1.5 bn $2.5 bn $2.4 bn
Owner(s) Exelon NRG & MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company NextEra Energy & GE Energy Financial Services & Sumitomo Corporation of America MidAmerican Energy Holding Company
Bond Market X X
Federal Financing Market X X
Bank Market X
Credit Guarantee: DoE X X X
Uncovered Markets X X

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