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Our Partnership with Clean Energy Collective to Bring Solar Energy to a Broader Market

Posted 11 December 2014 9:59 PM by Marc van Gerven

Yesterday, we announced a new partnership with the Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community solar provider, to develop and market community solar offerings to residential customers and businesses as a solution for client utilities.

CEC’s approach brings clear business advantages to our utility partners and their customers. First Solar and CEC will provide utilities with cost-effective solutions that allow their customers to participate in solar while maintaining the utility’s ongoing customer relationship. Such community solar solutions take advantage of the economies of scale of community-sized projects, allow for more efficient utility generation and grid planning, and provide customers with a compelling solar product that is not constrained by the physical attributes of their home and is portable if they move. Community solar is an attractive option for utilities that want to provide their customers with an alternative means of participating in solar, whether they live in a single-family home or multi-unit building.

Along with marking a major shift in how residential and commercial customers can access solar power, the community solar model plays extremely well into First Solar’s strengths and capabilities as a utility-scale provider by allowing this large market demand to be fulfilled through ground-mount solar installations. As the market leader and innovator in this space, CEC is the ideal collaborator for our entry into this industry segment.

Community solar marks a paradigm shift in how residential and commercial customers can participate in solar power generation by untethering a customer’s participation from their roof. Customers participate in solar through community-scale solar projects that leverage First Solar’s leadership and capabilities in ground-mounted solar installations. As CEC is the market leader in the community solar space, First Solar and CEC are ideal partners to innovate within and scale the growing community solar market.

Click here to learn more about the partnership.