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California Hits Unprecedented Milestone with 5% of State’s Energy from Solar

Posted 2 April 2015 8:59 PM by First Solar

Great news came out of California last week as the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced it was first state to have more than 5 percent of its annual electricity generation come from utility-scale solar power. According to the report, California utility-scale solar plants generated 9.9 TWh of electricity in 2014 alone. Last year, First Solar started production on the state’s two largest plants that helped California reach this milestone: Topaz and Desert Sunlight.

Congratulations California

At First Solar, we are proud to be a significant contributor to this huge milestone for solar energy and California’s growing success in utility-scale solar energy production. We have a number of projects in California and other states, and we will continue to work with each state to ensure they reach their renewable energy goals.  

To read more about the announcement and the full report, go to the EIA website.

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